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Here are all the characters in Sea's Pearl. <3

Name: Ewann Matthews
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Blonde
Nationality: Canadian
Likes: Cream Soda, reading, going out, night, apple pies, listening music, vodka-orange juice. He likes to play games like Fable, Assassin's Creed and Thief:Deadly Shadows.
Dislikes: His parents, sun, milk, sweet things, sleeping.
Personality: He's not talkative at all and he's angry easily. The only person he can stand is Chloe. He's very emotionnal and easily hurt, so he doesn't want to be with someone if it's going to hurt him someday.
Facts: Even if he doesn't want to be with someone, he had a girlfriend sometime ago, who goes by the name of Gabrielle. The reason of the rupture is unknown from now on. Strangely, he isn't suprised by the fact that Jael is a merman.

Name: Jael Kär
Age: Unknown, but about 24 human years
Gender: Male
Eyes: Turquoise
Hair: Dark grey with a little bit of pale blue, it looks like it's black when he's far.
Nationality:... err, from the Atlantic Ocean? u___u
Likes: Puppies, cheesecake, talking with fish, looking at the sky. He likes wearing classy clothes when he goes out. He likes to sing, too.
Dislikes: Having cold, see a person eating fish/sushis, when someone is angry at him.
Personality:He's calm and comprehensive, he's rather serious almost everytime. He doesn't like making someone cry so, if it happens, he'll do everything to make that person smile.
Facts: He was found by Ewann, on a beach near a friend's house. He was injuried and was always talking about "hiding the Pearl". He can be human if the drinks a little of any liquid that contains ADN (blood, saliva and you know what ;] ) of any human to copy the "human part" of their ADN. He has tree little pearls under each if his eyes.

Name: Chloe Marie DesJardins
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Eyes: Pale blue
Nationality: French, from Paris.
Hair: Light brown
Likes: Ewann, playing Guitar Hero and DDR, listening her brother playing piano. She likes to go out with Ewann just to make him smile and laugh.
Dislikes: Her mother, Gabrielle, French class (even if she's pretty good at it), wearing dresses.
Personality: She's a leader and very smart. She doesn't like the weaks, so she will help hem to become strong =3 She's a very altruist person and she'll always be the first to protect someone.
Facts: She's kinda rich, her father runs a very big laboratory and she's the director of the "Aqua" section. Her mother abandonned her and her father and she thinks that is because the abandon of her mother if her father isn't home more often. She'll do anything to have a Nobel prize.

Name: Rubel Mähn
Age: Unknown, but something like 25 human years.
Gender: Male
Eyes: Amethyst
Hair: Dark red, but when he's far it looks like it's dark brown.
Nationality: From the Atlantic Ocean...?
Likes: Being the best, singing, taking advantages of the other people abilities.
Dislikes: When someone surpasses him.
Personality: He's manipulative and he'll do anything to come to his ends. He is never angry, he always stays calm and neutral.
Facts: He's the other priest that Jael was talking about. We don't know what he did, but that made Jael to go on the Human side.