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I am a poor art student. Yeah, I am. I need to pay my studies in college plus my materials, and I'll need a computer for my digital work. So that means, I desperately need money, and my job at the ice cream shop doesn't pay that much, if you know what I mean. Plus, I can't afford to have a driver liscence and buy a car, so I'll have to pay something like $100 per month for the monthly bus pass. Arf.
So if you are interested, you can send me a PM, and I'll be happy to answer you back. Or if you prefer, you can send me a note on DeviantArt .


-Hardcore Yaoi/Yuri
-Transformers/Gundam/Cars. It's too technical, I'm really trying to draw cars, but it seems that I don't have the techniques to.

My prices

For now, if you're interested to buy a commissions from me, just ask and I'll give you a price. I'll update this part later once I'll have some examples to show and once I'll have a list.

Thanks everyone!